Comic 33 - Lame Game issue two cover

14th Feb 2012, 1:00 AM in Code: Reboot
Lame Game issue two cover
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PulsivePanda 14th Feb 2012, 1:00 AM edit delete
Ello' ladies, and gentleflops. I'd like to present to you, issue two's cover of Lame Game titled "CODE: REBOOT"

Ya'll thought I was done with Lame Game for a while, 'cuz I was workin' on Samantha Gunner, right? Damn do you feel stupid, eh? No? Then you are smarter than I, because I even surprised myself when I saw this post just now... How did I write this? AND THIS? We'll never know...

Anywho, Lame Game is back. But NOT Fyur Ball, why? Because I'll be releasing Fyur Ball as a COMPLETE story, when I work on Samantha Gunner. Which will be... Never, at this rate. Maybe soon? Not sure, really. It depends if I keep making these third-person situations with myself...

So I do not have a female character, besides POD. Thus I couldn't enter in Stef's VDSD, you can read all about it at And just because I cannot enter it, DOESN'T mean I'm not supporting it. As a asexual person, this may come off as odd, considering what it's based on. But I support artists more than I distaste "teh m@d bewbies", so the VDSD wins me over!

Now I'm gonna link all the people that had the massive balls to create a nudie picture of their characters. Because that's what it's all about! Be sure to send them some love, because that's ALSO what it's all about... I suppose.

Jimmy Misanthrope
Agents of the Endtimes

Mike Delheim,
Prepare to Die.

Amy Letts,
Epic Fail.

Jack Cayless,

Tom Szewc,
Alone in a Crowd.

J. Mackenzie Graham,

Eric Drobile,

Raven Perez,
Raven’s Dojo.

Nick Gonzo,
Execution Day.

Stef Marcinkowski,
Sarah Zero.

Mike Aston and Shaun Nicholls,
Lacey Investigations.

John Peters,

Brad Brown and Leslie Ortego,
Blaster Nation.

Chella Morgan,

Nate Hammond,
Jazz and Jess.

Endless City.
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